Who will be a Mission ONE Ambassador?

The short video (here) is about bringing hope to the Jie tribe in Southern Sudan. The mission organization shown is Mission To Unreached People (MUPE), directed by Rev. Hannington Munyao, Eldoret, Kenya. MUPE, a long-time ministry partner of Mission ONE, specializes in sending trained African missionaries to other tribes and peoples who are untouched by the gospel of Jesus Christ. These highly-trained national missionaries bring the Word of God, plus education, improved health, some new technology and other transformational blessings. They truly bring the blessing of Christ in word and deed.

Hannington says in the video, “The people have no church, no school, no medical facility, no shop, nothing.” It is amazing that they were getting water for their tribe from essentially a little pond dug by their own hands with stones.

Hannington also told the story that when the African missionary, Isaiah Majuma Bwala, came with his wife and children to stay with the tribe, the whole tribe burst into dance and song because they now knew the blessing of the gospel would remain with them. Isaiah, the national missionary from MUPE, literally became the hope they never had before.

Amazingly, these national missionaries like Isaiah who serve with MUPE need less than $300 per month to serve in these remote tribes and villages. Mission ONE has had a long-standing partnership with MUPE. We have huge trust in this ministry and its leadership. Hannington is a wise and capable leader who himself has served effectively as a missionary among the Toposa people in Kenya.

Hannington has informed us that more than 60 African couples or single individuals  are waiting to go as MUPE missionaries to serve among unreached tribes like the Jie.

Who will be the Mission ONE Ambassador that serves as an advocate for MUPE? Who will be the Mission ONE Ambassador to help mobilize the people and resources to bring the the transforming gospel of Christ to hundreds of unreached tribes in East Africa who still have not had heard the name of Jesus?