Five reasons for this blog/site

Reason #1: VISION. Bob Schindler, Mission ONE Founder/President and Werner Mischke, Mission ONE Executive Vice President, have a vision to make Mission ONE more of multiplication-oriented ministry. God has taught Bob and Werner a lot over the years. They want to inspire and equip others in the body of Christ about the practice of healthy cross-cultural partnerships.

Reason #2: NEED

  • OUR PARTNERS IN AFRICA, ASIA, & THE MIDDLE EAST: There are significant unfunded needs and opportunities among Mission ONE’s ministry partners. Mission ONE can be a lot more effective in developing new funds for its cross-cultural partnerships. Mission ONE Ambassadors will assist in alleviating these needs, developing deep friendships with key leaders of the ministry for which they are advocating, and developing resources to “help their dreams come true for the glory of God.” This is already happening with Ed Smith, Mission ONE’s first Ambassador. Ed is the Ambassador for Transformation Nepal, and is volunteering as an advocate for this highly effective ministry. Our goal is that every partner ministry of Mission ONE in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East will have their own highly-skilled Ambassador to befriend and advocate for their work of evangelism, church planting and holistic ministry.
  • LOCAL CHURCHES: Thousands of local churches are taking short-term mission trips and getting into partnerships. Large numbers of individuals and churches are making mistakes they don’t need to make, “reinventing the wheel,” while hurting the cause of Christ—for a lack of training in cross-cultural partnerships. The Beauty of Partnership learning journey meets a need for training concerning cross-cultural partnership.
  • STEWARDSHIP: We believe that the resources of the Lord’s church could be invested much more effectively for world missions. People, time, money, prayer—all could go so much further in global missions—if done with the proper integration of three key areas: godly character, cultural intelligence, and organizational competence. These three areas form the core of The Beauty of Partnership learning journey.

Reason #3: UNIQUE ABILITY. Werner Mischke has a unique combination of skills to champion this—with overlapping passions in graphic design, world missions and teaching.

Reason #4: TRACK RECORD. Mission ONE has had success developing and promoting a missions curriculum—the Operation WorldView Video Series (produced by Werner Mischke)—which has been used in some 600 churches. In addition, Mission ONE has had a leadership role in serving the greater national missionary movement through its involvement with COSIM: Coalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries. Werner Mischke served as chairman of the steering committee for from 2004–2009. Bob Schindler has served as a plenary speaker at COSIM conferences on a number of occasions.

Reason #5: UNTAPPED POTENTIAL. There are many under-challenged entrepreneurial individuals and churches whom God can use to serve as advocates for healthy cross-cultural partnerships, if they could only get the training. Many successful Christian entrepreneurs are marginalized in the Great Commission enterprise, and yet, these entrepreneurial individuals have many of the qualities needed for effectiveness in world missions—because they are already professionally skilled, creative, team-oriented, and missional in their abilities. But without additional training, they can easily falter in the work of cross-cultural partnership.

Download the brochure for the Mission ONE Ambassador Program here.

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