“She put out all the idols from her house”

The last quarterly report from the HBI India Team supported by Mission ONE indicates that they are ministering among diverse groups of peoples or ethnic groups. They are the …

Pallar, Sutar, Khatik, Maki, Konawi, Lohar, Agrawala, Lingayal, Uphar, Kadasiduru, Badegiru, Banjara, Vanniar, Aasari, Marwadi, Goundar, Naavidar, Sanapallulu, Setti Balija, Patil Majhi, Kunabi, Aadivasi, Bari, Mannga, Sabar, Reli, Khanda, Chettiar, Aadi Dravidar, Parayar, Saanar, Kuyavar, Marvadi, Reddy, Kurumbar, Koundar, Narikuravar, Madiga, Mala, Balija, Brahmins, Vyshyas, Chakali, Mangali, Erukala, Aranavadi, Uppara, Kamma, Kapu, Semapatterlis, Golla, Indiga, Boya Vadde, Savara, Relli, Jathapu, Perikivally, Naidus, Sundhi, Yadava, Barber, Yanadi, Lambadi, Blacksmith, Kampa, Pandara, Majala, Kuvi, Gabari, Baldar, Bhil, Dhangar, Kunbi, Koruku, Mali, Udayar, Pillai, Harijan, Mudaliyar, Yanadulu, Naidu, Dhobis, Gabali, Patel, Banjari, Adibasi, Badari, Roldi, Chamar, Oree, Yadavar, Hakkipikki, Sudugadu Siddar, Mahar, Dangar, Muli, Kumuti, Gauda, Liari, Bunabi, Saha, and Teli people groups.

Isn’t the diversity that’s represented by this list simply amazing? Praise the Lord!

The HBI team supported by Mission ONE comprises some 35 indigenous Christian workers and pastors who are doing evangelism and church planting. The peoples whom they are serving are primarily Hindu, but they also comprise Muslim and tribal peoples.

They reported in the last three-month period that … 260 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior … 65 were baptized … 22 new churches were planted.

Praise the Lord!

Here’s a story from Pastor N. J. Meshram—one of the HBI leaders supported in part by Mission ONE:

Sithubai, a non-believer, suffered from some unknown sickness. She was unable to move her body for the past four years. She was taken to various temples and underwent treatments but everything ended in vain. During house visitation time, she told the Pastor about her suffering and asked him to pray for her. Along with his believers the Pastor prayed and asked for His grace to heal her. The Pastor could see the faith within her heart that Jesus Christ can cure her. After few days, the Pastor visited her again. He was happy to see that she put out all the idols from her house. After prayer, she felt some kind of peace filled her heart and gradually she received her physical healing. God did a great miracle in her life by delivering her from the sickness which took hold of her for the past four years. She was much grateful to the Lord and accepted Him as her personal Savior. Now she is regularly attending the church of Pastor Meshram. All glory and praises to our Lord Savior Jesus Christ!

HBI stands for Hindustan Bible Institute and is one of Mission ONE’s long-standing indigenous ministry partners. HBI is led by Dr. Paul R. Gupta. If you are interested in …

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