“And the rain came”

Mission ONE partners Severino & Rose Janus are key leaders serving with Evangelical Free Church of Sudan. They live in Torit, Southern Sudan, and oversee the work of the EFCS Sudan Team.

Below is an excerpt from a recent quarterly report from Pastor Severino Maira Janus, serving with Evangelical Free Church of Sudan.

Around July when the drought hit the entire Southern Sudan, Chukudum County was much affected. William and some missionaries were serving in Nakishot, but during the absence of rain in the area the crops were failing. The local population who were mostly traditional Africans blamed the missionaries in that they have stolen their rain and they asked them to leave the area. That was an opportunity for Rev. William to share Christ with those people who are ignorant about God. He told them that man couldn’t possess rain, only God who owns everything including rain. If we need rain, let us pray God will open the windows of heaven and let the rain come to us. After listening to him, God answered their prayers and the rain came. Many people from that area accepted the Lord and the church was planted among these primitive people.

Pastor Severino and Evangelical Free Church of Sudan have been ministry partners with Mission ONE since the early 1990s. Under Severino’s leadership, dozens of churches have been planted. Severino is currently developing a bi-vocational training center in Torit called Bright Hope School of Theology. Their vision is to develop Christian leaders in theological training while also equipping them with vocational skills to aid in the long term sustainability of the local church—along with development of the economy of Southern Sudan.

For more information about the ministry of Evangelical Free Church of Sudan, contact Werner Mischke at werner@mission1.org.

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