Aid groups warn of Sudan civil war risk

There have been recent protests by southern opposition supporters

From the BBC web site: Ten international aid groups say a 2005 peace deal in Sudan is on the verge of collapse and that the world must act now to prevent renewed conflict. Read the full article here.

This is a huge issue for all those who are engaged in cross-cultural partnerships with indigenous ministries in Sudan. Mission ONE has two significant partnerships in Sudan, one with Arabic Speaking Congregations led by Idris Nalos, and the second with Evangelical Free Church of Sudan, led by Severino Maira Janus. Mission ONE has had long relationships with both Idris and Severino, whose minsitries have been engaged in evangelism, church planting, and holistic ministry for some 20 years.

What can you do?

  1. Pray for peace in Sudan.
  2. Contact your Sudanese ministry partners and ask their advice. Listen with your heart and mind.
  3. Visit the Save Darfur web site. Explore various ways to take action. This web site has the best array of news, action options, and detailed information about Sudan that I know of.
  4. Keep appraised of happenings in Sudan by visiting the BBC web site, African section.
  5. Share what you learn with your friends.

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