2,004 children come to Christ in Kenya

Children in Kenya

Below is an excerpt from a recent quarterly report from Pastor Wilfred Githongo Kabiru serving with AIC Kenya:

Having noticed for years how brutal and irresponsible our young people are, two years ago we offered to launch the above program to make sure that we will reach children to Christ as early as five years if possible. Church elders did not believe that Mission ONE team would be able to carry on this work, but now we have proved to them that it is possible and that this age is the best and easiest to bring people to Jesus.

We meet them in schools, preach to them and conduct fun activities for them. We also make teachers responsible to follow up born again ones. This is for Christian teachers whom we have brought to the Lord.

Secondly, we gather them, and more seriously we invite them together with their parents so that they can continue with them from where we have left. During this second quarter, Jeff Kabero Gathu was responsible. He met with them at schools, villages and lastly jointly with their parents.

So far we have 2,004 born again children in our outreach program.

For more information about the ministry of AIC Kenya, contact Werner Mischke at werner@mission1.org.

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