New video teaching about honor and shame

“Big Shame or Big Honor? Exploring the Dynamics of Honor and Shame in Cross-Cultural Partnership” by Werner Mischke may be seen here:

Presented at the 2012 COSIM conference, this teaching:

  1. Shows how the story of the Prodigal Son uses honor and shame concepts to introduce the message of salvation through Christ,
  2. Examines the key dynamics of 
honor and shame from a 
social-science perspective—
with examples from Scripture,
  3. Explores honor and shame 
as the pivotal cultural value of the Bible, and of most of the Majority World / 
unreached peoples, and
  4. Examines applications 
to cross-cultural ministries 
and partnerships through understanding the dynamics of honor and shame.

For a free 30-page article by Werner Mischke, “Honor & Shame and Cross-Cultural Relationships”, visit: To contact Werner Mischke about Bible-based training in honor and shame dynamics, write to

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