Case history and essay about honor and shame in Latin America, by Mark D. Baker

I recently read this essay, “The Saving Significance of the Cross in a Honduran Barrio” by Mark D. Baker, Associate Professor of Mission and Theology, at Fresno Pacific University. The essay incorporates a case history which…

  • defines the behaviors of machismo, marianismo, and humilde in the Latin American context of Honduras,
  • describes in compassionate detail how these entrenched behaviors and attitudes in a very poor community are an endless cycle of sin and shame, and
  • explores the ways that the Atonement of Jesus Christ—his work on the Cross—beautifully brings healing from sin and shame to followers of Jesus Christ.

I am grateful that Dr. Baker has given me permission to put this on my blog and include it in my list of resources. This 18-page essay touched my heart—it’s really worth the time. You’ll discover how the saving work of Christ on the cross not only saves people from the guilt of their sin; the cross of Christ can also transform the values and behaviors of people ingrained in a cycle of poverty and shame—into more authentic loving, forgiving, gracious, confident—indeed, honorable—human beings made in the image of God.

I love Dr. Baker’s article because it teaches that when people find both their salvation—and honor—in Jesus Christ, it truly sets them free. I commend this article to you. Click here to read.

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