Free 13-lesson Bible study on world missions in English and Spanish

Here’s a free Bible study on world missions. Each Bible study is one page—appropriate for a series of one-hour discussions. Through this study, you and your small group will discover the wide-ranging biblical basis for God’s global purpose to bless all the peoples of the earth. I am grateful to the folks at SIM whose team in Latin America translated this Bible study into Spanish.

The topics are as follows:

1. Abraham and the Global Blessing:
GENESIS 12:1–3, HEBREWS 6:13–20
God’s promise to bless Abraham’s “family” — foundation for global mission

2. God’s Passion for His Glory:
EXODUS 9:13–16, NUMBERS 14:21
The ultimate catalyst for mission

3. Tell of His Glory Among the Nations:
PSALM 96:1-12
Can global mission be saturated with joy and glory to God?

4. Glory, Forgiveness, Mission:
ISAIAH 6:1–8
How does a holy God send redeemed sinners on mission?

5. The Involuntary Missionary: JONAH 1–4
How God’s people use “resistance strategies” to avoid God’s mission

The “all-nations, all-peoples” salvation message of Jesus Christ

7. Our Lord’s Great Commission, part 1: MATTHEW 28:18–19
All authority / All the peoples

8. Our Lord’s Great Commission, part 2: MATTHEW 28:20
All that I commanded / All the days

9. The Glory of The Story: ACTS 1:6–8
Working together for mission — Author, Helper, Hero…and Church Member

10. The Glorious Mission of the Christian Community: EPHESIANS 3:1–10
The church of Jesus Christ — new community for global mission

11. Beautiful Feet, Powerful Word: ROMANS 10:8–18
“How shall they hear without a preacher?”

12. A Glorious Aspiration: Glory to Jesus from All Peoples:
ROMANS 15:8–21
Worship and glory to Jesus as the ultimate motive for mission

13. The Joy of Partnership: PHILIPPIANS 1–4
The vital role of partnership in fulfilling the Great Commission

Download English version of Bible study

Descargue la versión española del estudio de la Biblia

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