What if … the gospel was better contextualized for our multicultural world?

What ifDo we have good news for our multicultural world?

Of course we do. We have the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. But what if…

  • What if … the gospel as we know it contained some Western assumptions that make the good news of Jesus less appealing to peoples from Majority World cultures?
  • What if … we could read the Bible in a new light—the light of the cultural values in which the Scriptures were originally written?
  • What if … we discovered that the societies of the Old and New Testament had the pivotal cultural value of honor and shame—and found that this is a lot closer to the values of our multicultural neighbors than we as Westerners ever realized?
  • What if … we could overcome certain theological blind spots? What if we could shift from a gospel articulated exclusively through a legal framework? What if we could share a more comprehensive global gospel which, by God’s grace, would better resonate with our multicultural neighbors—across the street and around the world?

This is what my forthcoming book is all about: THE GLOBAL GOSPEL: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World.


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