Werner’s video intro of honor/shame in the Bible

Introduction to honor and shame in the Bible from Mission ONE / Werner Mischke on Vimeo.

This is a short introduction to the dynamics of honor and shame in the Bible. Covered are six features: 1) Love of honor, 2) Two sources or honor—ascribed and achieved, 3) Challenge and riposte, 4) Image of limited good, 5) Body language, and 6) Honor status reversal. Note: The six dynamics presented here are but an introduction. Not covered are other important dynamics of honor and shame in the Bible, such as … purity … glory and “name,” … kinship and blood … patronage … and the “concept of face.”

Recorded July 13, 2013 in Nashville, TN at New Song Christian Fellowship in Woodbine. Many thanks to Ben McGinness for logistics—and to Harry Butler Video & Photography.

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