New series of short videos on honor and shame

Some quick videos on honor-shame

During my last week in New Zealand (I was there March 4–20), my host Russell Thorp of GC3 said, “Let’s do some quick videos about honor and shame.”

So Russell and I set up my iPhone on a tripod with a good external microphone and shot a few videos at his house near Auckland.

Russell’s idea was to create some quick videos—and then ultimately connect these to the longer videos of my teaching sessions on honor and shame. (These longer videos are currently in production in New Zealand.)

Well, these quick videos that Russell and I did turned out pretty good. And so I thought, Why not also use them on my blog?

So I’m producing a series of quick videos about honor and shame (on Vimeo). These videos will be three to five minutes in length. Each quick video includes a few discussion points at the end. My plan is to introduce a short video in this series about every other day, and announce each one on my blog.

Free resource related to the video—to learn more

Free resource1Each post in this series will include one free written resource—an article I have written or a chapter from The Global Gospel. The free resource for this post is a chapter excerpt from my book: Chapter 1.3: “Why Our Blind Spot about Honor and Shame?”

Enjoy the first video: “Quick intro: Honor-shame in the Bible”

Other free honor-shame resources are available at my Resources page,
and many more are available from our friends at

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