Quick video: The love of honor

Aristotle said, “… honor is clearly the greatest of external goods … it is honor above all else which great men claim and deserve”. He was pointing to the love of honor as a default attitude and mindset in ancient Greek culture

Love of honor heartLove of honor is the desire for acceptance and esteem in one’s social group. To varying degrees, love of honor is common among all peoples. But it is especially pronounced in many honor-shame cultures.

This honor-shame dynamic—love of honor—was carried forth from Greek culture into the Roman Empire into which Jesus was born, and is plainly observable in Scripture. The ancient Hebrews also displayed the love of honor.

Learn about this honor-shame dynamic, “love of honor”, in the next installment of our series of quick videos about honor and shame. Click here to watch the video on Vimeo.

Learn more—free chapter from The Global Gospel on the “love of honor”

Free resource1The free resource available with this post is an excerpt from The Global Gospel—Chapter 2.1: Honor/Shame Dynamic #1: Love of Honor.  The chapter examines how this dynamic—love of honor—is prominently represented in the Bible. The chapter is ten pages long.

Enjoy the next video: “Quick intro: The love of honor”

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