Honor/Shame Bible

Psalm 42.9 to 46.3 honor and shame
ESV Bible—Honor/shame dynamics in Psalm 42:9 to Psalm 45:3. Click on image to enlarge.

For several years, I have been reading my Bible and highlighting the honor/shame dynamics. Using the renown ESV Bible, here is the color-coding system I use:

  • When I see examples of honor-status reversal, I underline or circle these verses in yellow. This can include individual verses, lengthy passages, or even long stories. (Having read much of my Bible using this highlighting technique, I am amazed at how extensive are the yellow highlights!)
  • Special attention is given to words and verses about kings and kingdoms. This includes both human kingdoms and the kingdom of God. I highlight these words and verses in orange. Words like king, kingdom, majesty, crown, scepter, reign, and throne all have rich connotations of regal honor.
  • Verses relative to salvation I underline in red. Words such as saved, ransom, redeem, atonement, propitiation, and blood are noted.
  • Blue is used to highlight words and verses having to do with the glory or holiness of God.
  • Green is used to highlight words and verses dealing with God’s global all-peoples mission. Verses with words such as earth, nations, peoples, Gentiles, and world are underlined.
  • Violet is used to highlight words and verses concerning the love of God, or the steadfast love of the Lord.

I have found this to be a big help for seeing the many ways in which honor/shame dynamics permeate the pages of Scripture—and how these relate to the gospel, salvation, and God’s purpose to bless all the peoples of the earth.

This section of the website will house photos of my Bible in which I have color-coded and highlighted some of the honor/shame dynamics.

Stay tuned.