Quick! Four 10-minute lessons on honor and shame

4lessons honor and shame
You can do these four lessons in about 10 minutes each—and learn about honor and shame in the Bible

Download this free 4-page Bible study about honor and shame. Each lesson should take just 10 minutes. Click here to download.

The lesson objectives are:

  1. Understand the two sources of honor and be able to identify them as they occur in the Bible.
  2. Observe that wherever there is a conflict in the Bible, the ultimate issue is not winning and losing—but who gains honor and who is shamed.
  3. Examine the sevenfold bestowal of blessing upon Abraham 
as a prototype for the person who follows God.
  4. Examine the restorative love of a father as he runs to protect his son from shame, and then restores his honor in a great celebration.

This is being developed as part of a seminar I am doing later this month at a church in Tuscon to help Christians develop new skills for building relationships with people for whom honor and shame is a primary cultural value.

The little four-pager introduces the subject of honor and shame to participants, the intention being that they’ll invest 10 minutes a day the four days before the seminar. In this way, the material about honor and shame will not be brand new to them the day of the seminar—and everyone will enjoy the learning experience a little more.

For more information, write to me at werner@mission1.org.

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